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We are leaders in voice coaching and accent reduction services in Perth, Western Australia. We work with our clients face to face and online through skype. Our director, Thila Raja is a Certified Practising Speech Pathologist. At Speak for Life, we combine our clinical expertise and business skills to help you communicate better.

Our Story

Thila started Speak for Life in 2013, after she ended her long term career in the health department. Thila’s expertise in the hospital sector was in cognitive communication, following head injuries. However, whilst that is a passion, Thila kept getting drawn to working in the fascinating world of voice, and self expression. She understood that in this day and age, communication is a very powerful tool, and how it can be used to one’s advantage.
Thila embarked on a journey with Speak for Life, and is working on holistic ways to support people literally speak for life, without inhibitions, without fear of their voice or how their speech sounds.

Voice Coaching:
How does it work? If you are worried about the strength, volume, quality of your voice, contact us.
Initial session: We will conduct a thorough voice assessment, and ask many questions pertaining to voice, breathing and posture. Your voice will also be audio recorded. Initial session is 60min.

Subsequent sessions: Based on your voice profile, we will draw up a plan and advise how many sessions you will need.

How long does it take?

Voice coaching takes about 6-8 sessions maximum and you will be expected to practice strategies provided.

Accent coaching takes maximum of 3 months, with consistent practice. We provide audio and written exercises.

Accent Coaching: What is it? Having an accent is normal, all of us have one. It is only a problem when many people do not understand your message.
We help you speak using the correct pronunciation, so that you can retain your identity and be understood!

About Thila Raja

Thila graduated from Curtin University of Technology, WA, in 2003, with a degree in Human Communication Sciences ( Speech Pathology). Ever since then, she has worked as a Speech Pathologist across Australia and Singapore, in medical and education sectors. Thila has expertise in cognitive communication, voice, stuttering and accent reduction, and is a Certified Practising member of Speech Pathology Australia.

Thila Raja Speak For Life

Born and brought up in Singapore, Thila’s communication style and accent was quite different to the normal Australian population. Being the intuitive student she is, Thila observed how communication styles differed, and worked on her accent, to be more clearly understood.

Thila started Speak for Life, as she loves working with like minded people who want to improve their self expression. Her mission is to help people be comfortable with self-expression, through the use of their speech and voice, be it on stage, digital media or just in normal conversation.

As a dancer trained in Classical Indian Dance, ( Bharatanatyam), Thila is very interested in researching the relationship between movement, and how it relates to voice.

Why Speak for Life

At Speak for Life, we marry our clinical expertise and experience in voice with an acute appreciation of the greatest asset individuals in the business world needs: The perfect pitch.

Speak For Life grooms you to use your voice as a business tool. We will create your vocal imprint and charisma, making it an important touch point of your brand. Each time you speak, you’ll deliver the perfect pitch that will trigger the desired action. In the noisy world we live in, your vocal imprint and charisma will stand out.

“ThePerfect Pitch!” gives clients their:
…their vocal imprint
… a vocal charisma and personality
… stage presence

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