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We are leaders in voice coaching and accent reduction services in Perth, Western Australia. We work with our clients face to face and online. Our director, Thila Raja is a Certified Practising Speech Pathologist and Dance Movement Therapist. At Speak for Life, we combine our clinical expertise and business skills to help you communicate better

Our Story

Speak for Life was set up in 2013, when Thila decided to change her career direction. Prior to this, Thila had worked extensively in WA health sector, specialising in communication difficulties after an acquired brain injury.

As Thila was born and raised in Singapore, her accent and communication style was noticeably different in comparison to the general Australian population. During her early career years, Thila embarked on working on improving her accent, in a bid to be more clearly understood.

Thila Raja

During this journey, Thila realised the unmet needs of other professionals who spoke English as a second language, or simply wanted to speak better. Speak for Life was born to cater to the communication needs of professionals in Australia.

About Thila Raja

Thila graduated from Curtin University of Technology, WA, in 2003, with a bachelors degree in Human Communication Sciences (Speech Pathology). Ever since then, she has worked as a Speech Pathologist across Australia and Singapore, in medical, disability and community settings.

Thila’s expertise centers around cognitive communication, voice, stuttering and accent reduction, and is a Certified Practising member of Speech Pathology Australia. Thila also holds a management position at a not-for-profit organisation.

Thila Raja

In addition, Thila holds a Master in Creative Arts Therapies from the University of Melbourne (2021). Thila is currently embarking on her PhD with the University of Melbourne and hopes to complete this in 2026.

Thila currently juggles Speak for Life, her PhD and several other work commitments.

Thila’s interest is in improving one’s communication through a person centered approach, and helping you reach your communication potential.

Why Speak for Life?

At Speak for Life, we marry our clinical expertise in movement and voice with an acute appreciation of the greatest asset individuals in the business world need: The perfect pitch.

Speak For Life grooms you to use your voice as a business tool. We will create your vocal imprint and charisma, making it an important touch point of your personal brand. Every time you speak, you will deliver the perfect pitch that will trigger the desired action.


In the noisy world we live in, your vocal imprint and charisma will stand out.

Speech Pathology Australia Member
Thila is a certified practising counsellor with the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (the PCFA)

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