Author Thila Raja

Thila Raja is a Certified Practising Speech Pathologist and Dance Movement Therapist. At Speak for Life, we combine our clinical expertise and business skills to help you communicate better. Thila holds a bachelors degree in Human Communication Sciences (Speech Pathology) rom Curtin University of Technology. Ever since then, she has worked as a Speech Pathologist across Australia and Singapore, in medical, disability and community settings. Her expertise centers around cognitive communication, voice, stuttering and accent reduction, and is a Certified Practising member of Speech Pathology Australia. Thila also holds a management position at a not-for-profit organisation. Thila holds a Master in Creative Arts Therapies from the University of Melbourne (2021). Thila is currently embarking on her PhD with the University of Melbourne and hopes to complete this in 2026. Thila currently juggles Speak for Life, her PhD and several other work commitments.

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