When should I go for elocution lessons?

by | Nov 19, 2019

Elocution refers to the art of “Public speaking , using clear pronunciation and good breathing to control the voice”. ( Cambridge, 2019). Elocution often gets mistaken for pronunciation training only. However, there is much more to speaking ,than just the pronunciation.

Factors the influence someone’s elocution include:

i) Proficiency of the language : No matter what language you are speaking in, if you want to be eloquent in one language, you have to proficient in that language. This includes: Grammar, syntax , pragmatics.

ii) How non verbal language is being used : This part refers to the body language and posture used when speaking. I am not a body language expert, but certainly an expert in posture when related to speaking. Read my linked article to find out how you can improve your posture when you are speaking. A better posture makes for a better elocution master, and hence a great public speaker.

iii) How to modify the way you sound : This refers to the volume, pitch, the tone and stress of words. English is not a tonal language, and as such, people can get stuck in one form of speaking. Use of the voice has to be modified according to the different audience, environment and topics being spoken about. Certain gender types have certain stereotypes attached to their voice, and its important to know how to use them to your advantage.

iv) Pronunciation : Regardless of which language you speak, pronunciation is key to master the art of elocution. People have to be very mindful of speech sounds, especially the end of sounds when speaking. These ‘plosive’ speech sounds indicate the end of words, and need to be enunciated clearly. : t,d,k,g,p,b

Speak to me about elocution lessons, should you wish to work on any of the areas above!

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