Limiting Beliefs: Are they holding your voice back?

by | Sep 13, 2018

How many times have you heard yourself speak, and thought, gosh, is that my voice? I sound like a xxx!

These little things you comment to yourself, are called your limiting beliefs, which convince you that you can’t achieve something. They keep you away from your dreams and within your fears. Some of you know what your limiting beliefs are, and some of you have no idea what they even migh be.

Here are a few examples of limiting beliefs that my clients have shared with me:

  • I can’t change the way my voice sounds.
  • I can’t sing.
  • I sound squeaky and high pitched when I speak.

Do any of them sound familiar to you? Another way limiting beliefs manifest is via physical manifestation. I see quite a lot of this with my clients. We hold and move our bodies according to the way we feel about our voice.

Eg: Feelings of anxiety when speaking to others, slouching when talking, reduced eye contact, mumbling, low volume, quickly finishing what you are saying. All in a bid, to hope not to be heard by your listener.

So that no one asks you to repeat yourself, so that no one gives you that puzzled look, once again..and worse, so that no one makes fun of your voice, including that mean voice in your head.

Limiting beliefs are what they are. They limit your ability to grow and to change. They limit your ability to even try new ideas and concepts.If you are aware of limiting beliefs in your mind, it is time to start working on getting rid of them. If you have no idea what they are, I hope you read something that resonated.


  1. I can’t change the way my voice sounds.

YES YOU CAN! You can always ALWAYS modify the way you sound, simply by adjusting the way you use your oral and nasal resonators. You can sound high or low pitched, as long as you practice exercises that work on resonance.

2. I can’t sing!

Tell you a little secret, that is one of my limiting beliefs as well! Ever since I was a young child, I have been told that I can’t hold a tune, I am tone ‘deaf’, I have a horrible voice etc etc. Anything discouraging, you name it. My friends used to laugh at my voice, and still do. But I made a conscious decision to ignore the outside and inside voices, and just try. Just push against my boundaries and just TRY. I have been teaching oral resonance exercises to many of my clients, and I finally recorded myself humming : ng. when I hear myself, I think…hey, I could definitely sing if I have singing lessons!

Have a listen and watch my video.

3. I sound squeaky and high pitched when I speak.

This can be overcome! Think of the reasons why you think you sound nasal and high pitched. Is it because you are listening to recorded version of your voice? Or is it because your voice is high pitched?Think of the reasons why and work on them. Or, watch a video I did, on how to reduce your pitch…by yawning 🙂

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