How the pitch of your voice affects your success : Public Speaking

by | Nov 26, 2018

I often get many clients complain that they sound too high pitched or too juvenile.

What causes the pitch of voice and can it be changed?

Anatomically, in males, the voice box sits lower and the vocal cords vibrate at 80 – 100 times per minute. In females, the voice box sits higher up and vocal cords vibrate 130 – 200 times per minute,

Hence female voices sound higher in pitch than males.

Apart from anatomy, stress, anxiety, excitement (any emotion that causes us to move from baseline), causes our voice to increase in pitch. When people become frightened or excited, the muscles around the voice box (or larynx) unconsciously contract, putting strain on the vocal cords, making the pitch higher.

What does pitch convey? Research has shown that a lower pitched voice, lets the listener know that the speaker is more confident and charismatic. Think of all the voices you admire, and listen to them. What stands out to you? Did you notice their pitch? A higher pitch is more jarring on the ears and does not project an assertive, confident speaker( be it male or female)

More research has shown that females with higher pitched voices are deemed attractive, whereas men with lower pitched voices sound attractive.

How then, do you practice on keeping your voice at an even pitch?

  • Ensure you do your head neck exercises before you speak. You want to ensure that the muscles around your larynx are not constricted.
  • Engage in some yawn – sighs, so that the pharynx is relaxed too.
  • Engage in some vocal warm ups : High pitch to low pitch and vice versa. ( Ng – e- ng)

Engaging in the above exercises will ensure that your larynx is nice and relaxed, even when you are slowly tensing up. Contact me if you would like some pitch help 😊

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