Public speaking coaching or Voice coaching?

by | Dec 12, 2018

How does voice or speech coaching help you become a public speaker?

Public speaking is a great skill by itself, and I admire those who do that for a living. It is said that fear of public speaking is also known as Glossophobia. A short google search on the terms, “public speaking” brings up so much content on Fear of Public Speaking.

I often get asked if I train on Public Speaking, and my short, simple answer is ‘No”.

In my opinion, Public Speaking is the car and speech and Voice Coaching is the engine behind the car. So there are heaps of people who work on the car, the body of the car, how it looks and sound and drives etc.

However, if the engine does not work, the car is as good as a showroom model. That is how I view speech and voice coaching. It is the underlying substance of public speaking.

Here are some statements what a Public Speaking Coach vs a Voice/Speech Coach. I have just summarised the list, but there are lots more that both professions do.

A Public Speaking Coach will:

  • Help you organise your content, so you can package your speech
  • Help you organise your materials so that they are attractive to your listeners ( powerpoint etc)
  • Reduce your fear of public speaking
  • Teach you how to deliver different types of speeches: Presentations, sale pitches, awards speeches
  • Help you with non verbal body language ,so that you engage your audience.

A Speech Coach will:

  • Help you with breathing techniques, so that you deliver your speech with confidence and charisma.
  • Provide advice on vocal hygiene techniques, so that your voice remains nice and resonant for your constant speaking.
  • Help you become aware of your posture, so that you maximise your vocal energy to the fullest.
  • Help you deliver your speeches eloquently, by focussing on your pauses, rhythm and timing
  • Help you deliver a clear crisp message by polishing up your elocution of words.

A good rule of thumb is to get speech/voice coaching before you want to embark on a career of public speaking, or if you have problems with your voice. Polish up the engine before you put it to use all the time!

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