Speech And Voice Coaching

We support you in delivering a powerful, clear and succinct message that will be heard, in this noisy world.
We help you use your voice powerfully and create an impact on the stage or digital media. We will analyse your speech and the way you use your voice, and train you to deliver a powerful message to your audience, so that you can change more lives. Areas we will focus on:

    • Voice projection
    • Fine tune vocal quality :resonance, pitch, clarity
    • Articulation
    • Voice hygiene
    • Reducing vocal fatigue, so you can speak for longer
    • Vocal presence

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Delivery: Face to face or Skype

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Accent Coaching

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We help with improving accent, so that you can deliver your message, and be understood. Improving an accent is a personal choice, as it reflects on an individual’s culture and background.
At Speak for Life, we aim to reduce the strength of your original accent, so that your audience can understand you easier. We use the SNE model ( Standard Neutral English ), which was developed by a Speech Therapist. SNE, when successfully acquired, will enable you to sound close to the English Accent. When acquired, listeners are typically unable to place where the speaker comes from.
We provide:
• Face to face interview/skype with yourself, and take a full inventory of your speech sounds.
• Full analysis of your speech sounds by our Speech Therapist, and we will recommend all sounds that you need to work on.
Training is best delivered one on one, and will typically take : 3 months, with weekly contact.
If your accent is rather mild, a shorter time frame will be required. Free e-book

Voice And Stuttering Therapy

Speak for Life offers voice therapy and stuttering therapy for adults in Perth, face to face and via skype. We are equipped to support all professional voice users who have injured their voices. Eg: Teachers, lecturers, Real Estate Agents, Lawyers etc.
We rehabilitate and optimise vocal technique and speech in all voice users.

  • Voice Therapy Package:

    • Diagnostic voice assessment , which includes acoustic, perceptual and subjective assessment of your voice and communication style.
    • Voice therapy that follows is individually tailored to each client’s needs. We will help you improve voice quality, voice projection, prevent vocal fatigue and improve the health of your voice. If required, a referral to an Ear, Nose & Throat Specialist (ENT) will occur.
    • We accept self referrals, as well as referrals from ENTs and GPs, and EPC programs.
  • Stuttering Therapy Package:

    • Diagnostic speech assessment, which includes analysis of conversational speech, reading out aloud, breathing patterns and communication style.
    • Treatment is individually tailored to each client’s needs.
    • We accept self referrals, as well as referrals from GPs and EPCs.
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Cognitive Communication

We provide cognitive rehabilitation to adults who have sustained a traumatic brain injury. We work with all ages, and use evidence based measures to treat: Aphasia, cognitive communication, dysarthria and dysphagia. We accept referrals from individuals, or NDIS, ICWA, Medicare EPC Referrals from doctors. Contact us to find out more.

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