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Speech and voice coaching

We support you in delivering a powerful, clear and succinct message that will be heard. We help you use your voice powerfully and create an impact on the stage or digital media.

We will analyse your speech and the way you use your voice and train you to deliver a powerful message to your audience, so that you can be heard.

Areas we will focus on

Voice projection

Voice projection

Fine tune vocal quality

Fine tune vocal quality :resonance, pitch, clarity

speech articulation


Voice hygiene

Voice hygiene

Reducing voice fatigue

Reducing vocal fatigue, so you can speak for longer

Vocal presence

Vocal presence

Accent coaching with speech therapist

Accent coaching

We support you to improve your accent so that you can be understood. Enhancing an accent is a personal choice, as it reflects on an individual’s culture and background.

At Speak for Life, we aim to teach you how to articulate differently, so that you are easily understood.

We use the SNE model ( Standard Neutral English ), which was developed by a Speech Therapist. SNE, when successfully acquired, will enable you to sound close to the English Accent.

When acquired, listeners are typically unable to place where the speaker comes from.

If you would like to take your communication to the next level, contact us.

We provide:

Face to face and online interviews with a speech therapist

Face to face interview/ online interview

Full analysis of your speech sounds by our Speech Therapist

Full analysis of your speech sounds

How training with the speech therapist is delivered

How training is delivered:

Training is best delivered one on one, and will typically take 3 months, with fortnightly contact.
If your accent is rather mild, a shorter time frame will be required.

If you would like to take your speaking career to the next level, contact us

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