Speaking with charisma: 5 easy steps

by | Oct 11, 2018

Speaking with charisma, means you need to sound calm, and collected. Your voice also needs to be controlled, have appropriate pauses and appropriate intonation and pitch. Look at my previous post regarding pitch, and how to control it.

In this blog today, I will talk about how to use your oral resonators: Your mouth and your tongue to help you speak in  relaxed, charismatic manner. How to speak, so that you are listened to.

Mouth: It comprises of lips, jaw, soft palate, and of course your tongue. Minimal jaw opening when speaking will result in mumbling, and lower your volume when speaking. A lowered soft palate, will change the nasality of your voice. When they lips are tensed and not moving as quickly or as flexibly, they will not articulate your speech sound as well clearly. A tensed high, tongue blocks the vibration and changes the pitch of your voice. All of your oral resonators play a huge part in helping you sound charismatic.

Let’s start with some relaxation exercises, to help loosen up those oral resonators.

  1. Yawning! The yawn opens up the oral space, and exercises the facial muscles and lifts the soft palate. It is one of the best ways to release tension in your pharynx. The yawn should be done in full form, with a body stretch. Do a couple of them, and you will notice the difference in your state of relaxation! Check my video on warm ups and yawns.
  2. Jaw relaxation: This is important exercise, as most of us hold a clenched jaw when stressed. Try this: Clench your jaw with your teeth pressed slightly. Relax and feel the difference between the tension and release stages. Another thing you can try to do is pretend you have a chewing gum in your mouth and talk by opening your jaw more than you normally would.
  3. Lip relaxation: Maintain light contact between lips. Purse them and then spread them into a smile. Feel the contrast in difference of activities.
  4. Tongue relaxation: Feel for tongue tension under your jaw first. Place a finger under your jaw, in the soft part. Ensure your tongue feels nice and soft, and not hard and tensed. You can try this exercise, “ Whispered Ah” Breathe in through your nose, smile ( real smile), open jaw, breathe out and whisper ‘ah’( do it without any voice). Once you have ended, close your mouth and repeat. Ensure that your tongue remains relaxed the whole time.
  5. Think forward when speaking! Practise humming forward and then think forward when you speak. You will be amazed at the change in resonance of your voice

Give those 5 a go, and share this article if your find it useful!

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