Ten things you might not know about me!

by | Apr 9, 2019

I was researching on ideas on how to make my blogs more interesting and came across a whole heap of great ideas, so here goes.

If you have been following me, you would know that I am a Speech Pathologist, who trains people how to improve their accent. However, not many of you know the real me. So I thought I should give a sneak peak into who I actually am, behind the scenes!

  1. I was born in Singapore, and did most of my schooling there, till “A” levels. I moved to Perth, Australia, in 2000, to start my university degree in Speech Pathology:)
  2. Initially, working with children was my passion, however, I got pretty burnt out after like….8 years or so in the profession and made the jump to adults! I used to work with all ages, few months to 18yr old children…Kids with autism, disabilities, premature babies, children with spinal and head injuries.
  3. I never wanted to start my own business, until I got bored of being a full-time employee. I wanted to chart my own future, and guess needed a push to get out there!
  4. I still work at a hospital in Perth, as well as at a Head Injuries Rehab Centre, with adults with head injuries and strokes. Something about neurology and the brain and the clients there, draws me to them! I love a good challenge!
  5. I nearly failed my internship placement in university, as I was told I was ‘too Singaporean’ sounding. No idea what that means, as I think Singaporeans sound fine…but I guess I was not being understood!
  6. I actually switch between accents when I am with different people. Eg : When I am with people from Singapore/family, I sound quite Singaporean. However, when I am at work, and social events, then I sound Neutral! It’s a conscious thought process and work, but yes, I do switch 😊
  7. I read, write and speak two languages. English (The obvious one) and Tamil, which is a South Indian language, which is actually my mother tongue. I am more fluent in English than Tamil, but I think that is due to frequency of exposure and usage. Having said that, being bilingual helps, as it helps me think of creative ways to explain how to pronounce a sound to someone!
  8. I am quite a creative person, and I love dancing and movement. I am a trained classical Indian dancer, and I dance and teach Bharatanatyam in Perth, in my free time:)
  9. On a creative note, I love baking! If any of you have any delish recipes, or cooking blogs, comment in the section below!
  10. I am now venturing into speaking. Funny thing, I have never seen myself as a speaker, more like a therapist/consultant, and the one who trains the speaker’s voice. I am not afraid of it, but just the work and organising stuff…wish me luck!

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