Ten things you might not know about me!

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10 things you might not know about me.

I was researching on ideas on how to make my blogs more interesting and came across a whole heap of great ideas, so here goes.

If you have been following me, you would know that I am a Speech Pathologist, who trains people how to improve their accent. However, not many of you know the real me. So I thought I should give a sneak peak into who I actually am, behind the scenes!

1. I was born in Singapore, and did most of my schooling there, till “A” levels. I moved to Perth, Australia, in 2000, to start my university degree in Speech Pathology:)
2. Initially, working with children was my passion, however, I got pretty burnt out after like….8 years or so in the profession and made the jump to adults! I used to work with all ages, few months to 18yr old children…Kids with autism, disabilities, premature babies, children with spinal and head injuries.
3. I never wanted to start my own business, until I got bored of being a full-time employee. I wanted to chart my own future, and guess needed a push to get out there!
4. I still work at a hospital in Perth, as well as at a Head Injuries Rehab Centre, with adults with head injuries and strokes. Something about neurology and the brain and the clients there, draws me to them! I love a good challenge!
5. I nearly failed my internship placement in university, as I was told I was ‘too Singaporean’ sounding. No idea what that means, as I think Singaporeans sound fine…but I guess I was not being understood!
6. I actually switch between accents when I am with different people. Eg : When I am with people from Singapore/family, I sound quite Singaporean. However, when I am at work, and social events, then I sound Neutral! It’s a conscious thought process and work, but yes, I do switch😊
7. I read, write and speak two languages. English (The obvious one) and Tamil, which is a South Indian language, which is actually my mother tongue. I am more fluent in English than Tamil, but I think that is due to frequency of exposure and usage. Having said that, being bilingual helps, as it helps me think of creative ways to explain how to pronounce a sound to someone!
8. I am quite a creative person, and I love dancing and movement. I am a trained classical Indian dancer, and I dance and teach Bharatanatyam in Perth, in my free time:)
9. On a creative note, I love baking! If any of you have any delish recipes, or cooking blogs, comment in the section below!
10. I am now venturing into speaking. Funny thing, I have never seen myself as a speaker, more like a therapist/consultant, and the one who trains the speaker’s voice. I am not afraid of it, but just the work and organizing stuff…wish me luck!

Hope that was entertaining enough. I would love to hear your thoughts on rambles above, or if you have any cooking blogs to share, please do!


  1. Hi , Interesting overview of yourself.
    Me … I’m from WA , flying home Friday from U.K. have been promoting my music on radio
    Had lunch in Paris today , and my radio buddy put on FB how terrible my accent is , ouch … My gf is Ukrainian , and thinks I speak Chinese lol . Help ?
    I have had some lessons ,quite a long time ago …. So now with good ol google !! I’m speaking to you . Love to hear back from you , when convenient.
    Cheers Gus

    1. Author

      Gday Gus! Welcome back home to WA:) I would love to hear what you sound like. And congrats on your music launch!
      Send me an audio of your voice, or send me an email and we can chat over cuppa about your travels, music and speech:)

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