Tips on voice modulation when public speaking

by | Oct 15, 2019

One of the most important tools you need for speaking is voice modulation. Mankind’s biggest fear is of Public Speaking, and that is often given away in someone’s voice. The way you modulate your voice, commands over people, hence it is a very important skill to master.

Voice Modulation: What does it even mean? It refers to how you control your voice when speaking. When we speak, we are able to change the message by varying the : tone, stress on words, pitch, and changing the rate of speech.

Effective voice modulation can mean the difference between a boring speech, and an audience captivating speech. However, modulation is not easy, and needs to be practised.

Focus on how you speak to people in an individual setting, the shift in pitch and the tone of your voice. You can modulate your voice by:

i) Varying the pitch of your voice: Females tend to have a higher pitch of voice, due to different anatomical structuring. When delivering speeches, tend to stick to lower pitches. Microphones are deceiving, as you may think it amplifies your voice. They do amplify voice, as well other articulatory mistakes, higher pitches and breathing! So next time you have a speech using a microphone, practice with it first.

ii) Speaking slowly: I cannot emphasise enough, the power of pausing. When you pause, you are able to catch your breath. Your pauses will also make your audience lean forwards in their chair, and wait eagerly for your next message. Pausing is the best way to improve audience involvement and attention.

iii) Stress on certain words : When you increase emphasis or stress on certain words, you draw your audience’s attention. Choose powerful words to stress on, so that your message is captivating and clear.

iv) Speak quietly : Use this effect when you want your audience to calm down, or to hang to your every word. A certain way to grab the attention of someone, is through an assertive voice, rather than a loud authoritative voice.

v)Copy others : Look at videos of powerful orators, politicians, celebrities etc. Observe the way they modulate their voices. Practice, practice, practice!

If you would like more help with modulating your voice and winning your audience attention, drop me a line!

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