How to warm up before speaking: 5 steps

by | Oct 9, 2017

How often do you warm up your voice before you speak?

Or do you often ignore that aspect, and end up with a raspy voice after a few days of talking? Peter Dhu from Corporate Communications Expert interviews Thila on her tips on warm ups. In this episode, Thila talks about why it is important to warm up your voice. You generally warm up before you go for an aerobics class, so why would you not warm up if you are going to be using your speech muscles 8hrs in a row?

Thila provides tips on how to warm up your voice, apart from the usual voca hygiene habits.

Thila talks about how to :

1) Check your posture, so that you are not slouching or overarching.

2) How to relax or breathe before your presentation.

3) How to tune up your voice so that it sounds crisp and clear . What sounds should you practice on, and how do you say them correctly?

4) How do you practice so that your speech sounds resonant?

5) Why sounding like a cat has its benefits in speaking!

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