World Voice Day 2018 : Value your voice, love your larynx

by | Apr 20, 2018

World Voice Day is GLOBALLY marked on 16th April 2018, in countries all around the world. The theme for this year is : Value your voice, love your larynx.

What does that even mean? Have you given a thought about your voice, before you lost it?  Have you lost your voice before?

World Voice Day initially started as a movement in Brazil, in 1999, and soon became global from 2002 onwards. Since 2002,  many countries around the world have marked the occasion by hosting voice awareness events. Over here in Perth, Western Australia, I did my tiny bit and promoted vocal awareness at 2 events.

My first event was a Rotary Club speech, where I spoke about vocal hygiene. The photo on this blog is one which I took of myself, just after I had presented to the rotarians. Notice that I am wearing a World Voice Day promotional shirt as well, how cool!

Most of us forget that primary health care is essential in maintaining a healthy voice. What is primary health care? It means taking preventative measures, to avoid an injury. Read my previous blog post with tips on how to take care of your voice

I also spoke about 5 steps on how to warm up your voice. Follow my link here , to learn about the 5 steps you can do before you speak.

My other event, was my first ever radio pitch, at our local radio RTR 92.1FM. It got recorded into a podcast, and was a really fun recording. I have attached my podcast here.

I spoke about World Voice Day, and how we are marking it in Perth, Australia. At the moment, it has been a tiny event, but my vision for next year, is to embark on a Vocal Warm Up session, and aim for it to make it to the Guiness Book of Records!

Lastly, there is a video of myself, promoting World Voice Day 2018, in Perth. It was an impromptu video that I did on youtube, and have never done a live youtube video before, so that was interesting!

I hope you will be a part of World Voice Day 2019, and help put Perth on the Global arena for Voice Warm ups! Contact me if you have any suggestions!

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